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My spa career started in 2010 with Massage Therapy and crystal energy work, then I added Esthetics and Reiki in 2013. This day spa in Salt Lake City (Murray) has been the most rewarding time of my life.


My massage style is slow, gentle and flowing, with your choice of light or medium pressure and luxurious spa details. This style uses your nervous system to relax and heal the body, as opposed to forceful pressure that may cause inflammation, bruising and "fight or flight" response.


Spa guests with anxiety, sensitivity, blood thinning medications, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain get a great result without the usual discomfort. Hot stone massage and Crystal Healing therapy will help you as well!


For those who enjoy firm work, deep tissue, or fascia release, I recommend my Massage service with fire cupping and guasha. Please note that even my deep tissue work is gentle and slow.


Facials are my favorite treatment to give! Mine include some great massage for the head, jaw, neck and shoulders, as well as proven skin care products. I use SkinScript Rx, Hale & Hush and an organic private label line to give you the most customized spa facial session. Unique facials, like a Crystal Healing Facial or Guasha Cupping Facial, are rare in Salt Lake City and a specialty I'm proud to offer you!


I believe we look our best when our skin is fresh and radiant, and our heart is stress-free and glowing with joy.

"Because your light deserves to shine!"


All the Best,

Jen Betts

Jen Betts is a Master Esthetician, Crystal Therapist, and Massage Therapist in Salt Lake City
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