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The Benefits of Rose Quartz Crystal For Your Face

Rose quartz facial massage and crystal healing in salt lake city

In crystal healing traditions, Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of love and beauty!

It's named "Rose" because of it's dark, medium or light pink color, and sometimes contains unique swirls of white and clear quartz crystal.

This crystal brings peace and unconditional love energy to the heart chakra, helping us to heal from heartbreak, infertility, self-sabotage and traumatic events. The soft pink color balances a hectic mood and dissolves everyday emotional stress. It is believed to strengthen the circulatory system, blood cells, and heart. Meditation with rose quartz brings feelings of deep nurturing, forgiveness, feminine energy, and youth. Rose Quartz is often used to make beautiful pink jewelry to carry these feelings in everyday life.

Throughout history, it has been used to soothe burned or blistered skin or to massage the face for a rosy glow and anti-aging benefits --Cleopatra’s favorite! Slow, gentle crystal massage helps drain lymph fluid swelling that causes puffy eyes and a less-contoured look. Friction massage boosts the skin’s blood flow, bringing in fresh oxygen & repair cells while flushing out cellular wastes and built-up carbon dioxide, producing a beautiful blush.

Rose Quartz can be carved, shaped and polished, resulting in massage tools with a smooth glossy texture, perfect for a luxurious glide during facial massage. Adding organic skincare serums and creams, Reiki energy work, or crystals on each chakra provides a relaxing spa facial that cleans & hydrates the skin, boosts our body’s natural healing processes, balances mood, and melts emotional stress.

This massage feels amazing and is not offered by many other spas in Salt Lake City, so book a Gemstone Facial now to experience the crystal healing energy and radiant glow. You can also add a 10 minute gemstone facial massage to your massage therapy appointment, mention rose quartz or ask about other healing crystals!

*New* Our Glowing Goddess facial combines Rose Quartz massage, brightening Lactic acid, and an Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly mask for maximum hydration.

Because your light deserves to shine!

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