Eucalyptus Facial Special

'Tis the season for germs and dry, polluted air. No wonder our sinuses are so angry!

Did you know a well-planned facial can help? Here's how-

Steam is often used to soften clogged pores, but it also hydrates dry nasal membranes and opens our airways. Dry climates like Salt Lake City make this a must-have!

Eucalyptus essential oil can be used in the steam or added to the massage oil by your esthetician. It's a powerful decongestant and feels so refreshing. One of my favorite aromas!

Acupressure massage stimulates the release of painful sinus pressure and sends our nervous system into rest mode.

Gua Sha face and neck massage helps our lymphatic fluid move toward our lymph nodes, which reduces swelling and boosts our immune system. It relieves sinus pressure and is amazing for rest and relaxation. My chilled Jade stone perfectly fits the contours of your face and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Quiet time is probably what you need most! I know you're busy with work, kids, and the holidays, but you need to recharge your batteries (and immune system!) or you'll never make it through cold season. Catch a nap on my heated spa table, I'll take care of your winter dry skin and clogged head.

All these techniques have been combined for you, with gentle hydrating skin care, in the November special--available Nov 13th through the 20th only.

Book your much needed "me time" right now; since this special is only $49, it will fill up fast!

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