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2018 Spa Trends

Crystal Healing at a Day Spa in Salt Lake

Who’s excited for 2018?

Me too! Especially since I received the annual Spa Trends report from American Spa last week.

They predict 10 trends that will blow up this year in wellness philosophy, relaxation, and beauty. I’d love to show you my favorites!

#1-“Crystal Craze”

Yes!!! I’ve been crazy about crystals for years.

In the report, author Heather Mikesell mentions the beneficial movement of our body’s energy and sense of emotional peace that we get through energy work and meditation using crystals.

The article features multiple spas (across the nation) who are offering customized, unique spa treatments that integrate meditation, intention, gemstone massage, Reiki, and energy work. These featured sessions range from $135 to $205 for 50 minutes, so I’m here to show you the value in my crystal sessions:

Gemstone Facial $60 for 1 hour

My treatments are designed to calm your nerves using the incredible textures of the stones and the meditative state we enter when we ponder the meaning of the intended stone. The carved gemstone shapes are great for massage techniques like lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha, pressure points, and friction stimulation work. After a gemstone face massage, your skin has the ultimate glow! If you have questions about crystals or spa energy work, contact me for a consultation or to attend a free open house.

#2-“Into the Weeds”

Cannabis plant extracts are gaining popularity as an anti-inflammatory oil for pain relief massage. CBD (cannabidiol) providers are developing pain relief balms, bath bombs, and even candy, that spa-goers can take home for body self care after their session.

Skin Care manufacturers are on board for the calming effect on skin, as well as the nourishing lipids, since both greatly benefit acne, rosacea, and eczema.

I don’t offer this yet, because of a clash between Federal and State laws regarding the cannabis plant, but stay tuned…I’m looking into it….

#3-“Urban Decay”

This skincare trend focuses on environmental pollution and the way it damages or ages our skin. Exhaust, airborne chemicals and smog cause inflammation, dryness, loss of elasticity, blemishes and free radical damage. Fight it with high quality antioxidant, vitamin, and anti-inflammatory skin products. I recommend Skin Script’s Green Tea Vitamin C Serum and a consistent cleansing routine each evening. Contact me to get your serum, one of my clients call it “pure gold”!

#4-“Intentional Beauty”

If you go to yoga, meditate, or read inspirational books, you might be familiar with the idea of intention.

Intention is a mind-body-spirit practice where you form a clear picture of your focus or goal before you begin a task. This mental focus gives a sense of reality to the things you want to accomplish and can be used for goals of any size. Setting an intention for your spa visit helps you clear your mind and reach a deeper, meaningful state of relaxation. You can set the intention mentally to yourself, tell your spa therapist about it to double the positive vibes, or even write it in your journal. Begin your spa treatment with one of the following or make up your own!

“My stress and worry are washed away by today’s steam”

“I will spend 1 hour with a quiet mind and peaceful heart”

“I am grounded, supported and safe” (great for root chakra healing)

What wellness trends are you looking forward to? Visit my facebook page to join the discussion!

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