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A Facial for your Back??

Back facials with a hot stone back massage. Best spa in salt lake.

It’s that time of year when we start baring more skin, wearing bathing suits and tops with slim straps.

And there are so many skin challenges you could be facing back there 😉 Just think of all the lakes and swimming here in Salt Lake City!

Do you have any of these?

  • back acne you can’t treat

  • dry, itchy skin that you can’t reach with lotion

  • scars or discoloration from old breakouts

  • out-of-reach blackheads or clogged pores

  • rough or sun damaged skin

A Back Facial can really help all of these, plus you get to enjoy a back massage and an hour of relaxing self-care!

What can you expect when visiting Inner Glow Massage & Spa for a Back Facial?

Plan to arrive 10 or 15 minutes early. You’ll want to find my office, use the restroom, and fill out your new client health form before the time starts ticking on your 60 minute appointment.

If you are using any skin prescriptions or pharmacy products, please know what they are called and how strong they are (the %), so we can avoid interactions with my professional-strength skincare products. Some examples of skin medications are Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, and Isotretinoin.

We will start by talking about your skin concerns, things you like and don't like, and the answers on your skin health form.

Now I’ll step out of the room and give you privacy to remove your clothing above the waist. You can remove your bottoms if you enjoy massage on your lower back, which is usually blocked by the waistband. Then lay on the infrared heated table and get comfy under the sheets and blanket. I’ll wait a couple minutes and knock to see if you’re modestly covered and ready to begin.

The steps of the treatment will flow similar to a facial:

Cleansing massage-one or two cleansers will be worked into the skin and removed with steamy towels. We may use a steam machine to begin softening any clogged pores.

Exfoliation-we can use a sugar scrub, microdermabrasion, acids, or enzymes to release and remove dead skin build up, based on your skin type and treatment goals. This allows nutritious ingredients to absorb more deeply, reduces breakouts and gives the skin a soft, clean texture. Again, the product is removed with relaxing steam towels.

Extractions-if you have blackheads or acne that need to be removed, now’s the time. I do a very sanitary, professional version of “pimple popping” designed to remove the gunk fast, and with less chance of scarring or discomfort. Extractions are optional so if you're just here to relax, let me know.

Customized Mask-There are different types and ingredients, so I’ll choose the one to best fit your unique skin. They usually need to soak in for 10-15 minutes, giving us time for a hand or foot massage. Sometimes both! And more steam towels.

Back Massage-using layers of hydrating toner, nourishing serums, and an organic moisturizer, with hot stones and light/medium pressure. So relaxing! My clients often say I have “the touch” or “healing hands” because my massage style is very flowing, intuitive and melty. It’s perfect for spa guests who don’t like intense, painful massage or who bruise easily.

If you’re looking for a surge of healing energy, we can add a few crystals at no extra charge. Gemstone massage feels indescribably rejuvenating and can improve feelings of anxiety, lack of motivation, grief, fertility problems, unbalanced emotions and more.

Schedule a Back Facial ASAP, your skin (and gorgeous summer outfits) will thank you!

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