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Do you have Milia?

Milia are white bumps in the skin, removed by master estheticians in salt lake city

If you’re not familiar with Milia, they are hard, round white pieces of crystalized oil that develop in our skin. They may look like a white head, sesame seed, or a pimple without the red inflammation, but you’ll notice how stubborn they are if you try to squeeze them out.

They have no liquid or pus to “pop” and will not come out no matter how hard you push.

That’s because they are not located inside a pore, which would be the tunnel to the surface that pimples pop out of. There's no opening to squeeze them toward, since they are inside the skin, not in a pore.

Why do they form? Our skin needs to contain a specific balance of oil and water at all times.This allows the skin to stay soft and flexible, avoid water loss through evaporation, and to dissolve the bonds that allow old dead skin cells to slough off when the time is right. If there isn’t enough water, or if your products or environment are too drying, the oil hardens and is trapped by this tough, dehydrated skin, forming Milia. They can also form in areas where the skin has been traumatized or scarred.

Here in Salt Lake City, we have dry, polluted air that is constantly sucking the moisture out of our skin and causing milia to be a consistent problem.

So what should you do to fix these? They’re not pretty!

Please do not try to remove them yourself! It puts you at a high risk of bruising, scars and infection, including staph. Book a facial with a Licensed Master Esthetician who knows how to remove them with a lancet, keeping everything sterile and gentle, to reduce your risk. I'm happy to do it for you, and it only takes a few minutes of the facial.

Can anyone get this done? Great question! People who are prone to keloid scarring should proceed with caution. Also, sometimes milia form on the delicate tissue of the eyelid, so there will be times when lancet removal is not the best option. Over time, these tricky ones can be dissolved by using super hydrating products consistently to re-balance the water and oil, and activate your skin's natural break-down process. I have a toner that is wonderful that this!

You can prevent milia by using a high-quality Hyaluronic Acid serum daily plus a protective moisturizer, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding drying situations like excessive heat and wind, chlorine water, low quality skincare products, and skincare items that are not right for your conditions or skin type.

Please ask me if you have any questions or would like some custom product recommendations, I’m here to help!

I also need models for before and after photos, if you live near Millcreek, Murray or Salt Lake, call to discuss a discounted appointment.

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