New Day Spa Building, Sauna, Float Tank in Millcreek

After much excitement, and some growing pains ;-) I'm proud to announce that the new location is now open!

New Day Spa in Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Offering Facials, Crystal healing, and infrared sauna

Those of you who have been with me for over a year might remember when I was a booth renter at Beaute Marque Studio, and the beautiful friends who shared that space (Vhanessa, Amanda, and others). They have left that strip mall, remodeled an entire building, added new professionals, and invited me back. I'm so excited to be part of the new Beaute Marque Day Spa at 1200 East 3300 South in Millcreek, Utah.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Grand Opening, it was a blast! We had a DJ, contests, and a BBQ on the back patio. Find Beaute Marque Day Spa on facebook to see all the pictures and videos.

Perks of this change are:

-my room is bigger and more cozy

-no more unattended children playing in the halls (I'm lookin at you, Brickyard)

-parking will be easier (holiday season in the Brickyard plaza was ridiculously tight!)

-joining up with friends allows me to accommodate small groups and couples massage

-we can book the infrared sauna

-there will be a sensory deprivation float tank (more details coming soon)

-growth allows me to offer continued stability and reliability, I have noticed so many massage or facial spa businesses closing down lately :-( and don't want that for us!

Booth rent spas can be a bit confusing until you get the hang of it, so here are some challenges to be aware of:

-although we appear to be one big business, booth renters are their own separate businesses (legally and financially) so booking, cancellations and payment need to go directly through Jen. Booth renters are unable to accept each other's prepaid packages or gift cards, or do price matching, thank you for understanding. Think of it like the mall, you can't buy a gift card to a shop in the food court and then use it in the department store!

-because each renter is their own business, our services, specializations, and prices may vary. We will do our best to make group treatments or spa parties consistent but please allow for our unique individuality

-although we will have a reception desk, they will not have control over the schedule or card swiping of every booth renter

-my phone number and website won't change, please continue using 801-309-8422, and

-small businesses thrive on reviews; if you want to review the whole building or the amenities you can put those on Beaute Marque Day Spa's page, but reviews for my skills should go on Inner Glow's page. If you need help finding a spot to give your opinion, just let me know!

Salt Lake City Facials, Sauna, Crystal Healing, Spa treatments and relaxation

Thank you for all your positive energy and support as we move through these changes to grow and serve you better!

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