New Float Pod!

New float pod at day spa in salt lake city

Your favorite Salt Lake City day spa just added a Float Pod!

Also known as a sensory deprivation tank, or isolation tank, this pod is a new relaxation treatment for deep meditation.

The theory behind this spa treatment is that it removes all distractions and stimulation from your rest time and resets your nervous system. Because the salt makes you float, all gravity stress is removed from your muscles and joints. Without noise, light, temperature differences, gravity, aches and pains, or visual distractions, you are suspended in your own personal outer space!

How does it work?

Because the water is the same temperature as your skin’s surface, and no other senses are being used, your nerves don’t know what they’re feeling, and don’t send the usual signals to the brain. This lack of signals allows the brain to focus all it’s attention on a reboot! The sensors in your tight, sore muscles are allowed to reset their defaults and release tension that gravity causes them to memorize and keep.

But what does it feel like? Almost nothing, that’s the point ;-)

How do I get a float session? Schedule a time slot of about an hour and a half with Jen. Right now, the schedule needs to be done manually instead of online booking, so send a text to get started. We will go over the details with you and then leave you in the private float room to shower. It’s extremely important that you are thoroughly clean and free of skin oils, lotions, hair products and anything that could discolor or contaminate the water. Scrub your body and wash your hair, do not use conditioner or lotion. Then get in and just do nothing!

When your time is up, we will alert you to get out and shower again to remove the salt. We recommend that you follow with a luxurious massage or facial to maximize your relaxation and healing. The benefits increase by spending another hour in that brain state.

In this busy life, we have programmed our brains to be alert and stressed at all times. That’s why we can’t shut it off to sleep at night, or have trouble zoning out in a massage or meditation. I always tell my massage and facial clients that this type of complete relaxation is something that no longer comes naturally, and must be practiced over and over to TRAIN the BRAIN. The float pod and a spa day is the fastest, easiest way to master this state of total peace.

I tried it last week and was so surprised by how loose my muscles felt afterward. I could barely walk home, I was so relaxed...and that was without a massage...just imagine what the combo would do for you!

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