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Customizing your Spa Visit

Rose Quartz Guasha massage and customized spa day in salt lake city

You may have noticed that I offer quite a few spa services: Skincare Facials, Massages, Hot Stone Massage, Crystal Chakra Balancing, Gemstone Facials, Crystal Healing Massage, Fire Cupping, Guasha face massage, Facial cupping, Infrared Sauna and more. But with so many choices, how do you decide what you want to book?

Or what if you want to try more than one spa treatment?

Here's where it gets really fun...

We can customize your appointment to include the things you want. I can't have every possible combination of services listed on the website, it would just be too long and time consuming to read. So just let me know what you would enjoy...

Want a facial with a back massage? You got it!

How about a massage that focuses on scalp, neck, and shoulder tension the whole time? Or just pampers your hands and feet? No problem!

Maybe you want a spa day that soothes both body and spirit- crystal healing, massage, and reiki combined. Let's do it!

What if you want a surprise spa day for your loved one, but have no idea what services they will want?!

Tailor-made spa visits are also great for special occasions, tourist or ski season, and business trips to beautiful Salt Lake City.

There are so many options for making your spa day a satisfying, personalized experience. It just takes a little communication to decide your wellness goals, what treatments go well together, and how much time we will devote to your luxurious visit. Send me an email and let's get started- I can't wait!

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