Have questions about our Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Sauna at beautiful Day Spa in Salt Lake City

One of my favorite spa treatments is far infrared heat!

Infrared heat waves come from light, which is a different type of energy wavelength than other saunas, heating pads, or warmers. This wavelength heats your body directly, and penetrates the skin and muscle up to 6 inches deep, where traditional saunas heat the air around you to indirectly heat your skin. It doesn't go much deeper than the skin and becomes very uncomfortable, especially in the thin skin of your face. To compare, a standard sauna usually uses a temperature of 160 to 212 F, where an infrared sauna may be set to 110-135 F while giving your body more healing heat.

How does it feel?

It's dry heat, not steam, but it feels really good! You can feel it heating and loosening the muscle and you begin to sweat, but you don't feel dizzy, panic, or overwhelm. It's comforting and soothing rather than irritating. At this gentle setting, you can stay in longer and receive more of the health benefits. I recommend one hour before your facial or massage.

What are the benefits of far infrared heat?

-increases oxygen and nourishing blood flow to the skin cells, muscles and joints

-increases metabolism and burns calories

-relieves muscle tension and pain

-boosts your immune system

-assists your body's natural excretion through sweat (detoxification)

-reduces stress and stiffness

-cleans and stimulates the skin for easier extractions and a radiant glow

Sounds great, right?!

How do I use it?

You schedule 30 or 60 minutes, by itself or before a massage, facial, or spa treatment. The sauna room is private rather than shared, so you can sit in the sauna nude, wearing a towel, a robe, or some gym clothes. The lights are dim and relaxing music plays so you can meditate. You do need to drink plenty of water during and after, to counteract the sweating. When your session is over, you can get dressed to leave or wear a robe to walk to your next treatment.

Why isn't it included with purchase of a spa service?

Larger spas often provide a sauna or steam room complimentary with any booking and allow those guests to move in and out at any time during their visit. This can be convenient, but it also means that you share it with a group of random strangers, which can be uncomfortable, loud, or immodest. It can also be more expensive because the massage or facial will have a higher price! Since our sauna only fits 2 people at a time, that type of self-serve sauna wouldn't work for our guests. Instead we have designed it to be a private, scheduled service. You can schedule it with your spouse, family member, or friend, but we won't ever schedule you to share it with a stranger. We also offer a helpful discount if you book it with another service.

How often should I use the sauna?

As often as you want to come to the spa! Some use it multiple times a week as part of a fitness or wellness plan, others just use it when they want to get more results from their massage or facial. As long as you stay hydrated, daily use would be no problem. We also offer Salt Lake City locals an unlimited sauna membership for one great monthly price.

Because we share the sauna with other professionals in Millcreek's gorgeous Beaute Marque Day Spa, it's on a separate calendar and isn't available in my online booking program. Send me a text or email to schedule your sauna visit. I'm looking forward to it and I know you'll love it!

For best results, schedule a customized or gemstone facial right after your infrared sauna. Best facial in Salt Lake City!

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