How to WIN at Valentine's Day!

Chocolate Facial Valentine's Special at 5 star day spa in SLC

Step One Plan ahead and get booked! Day Spas get crazy during February as we do lots of couple's massage, pampering facials, spa packages and gift cards, so spots will fill up fast. We get frantic, last minute calls every year, especially for couples massage, and guess who's in the dog house when we have no available spots...

Please don't wait, we want your Valentine's Day to go smooth and sweet, just like the refreshments we provide with your service!

Step Two Figure out what your special person wants. If they already have a favorite Massage Therapist, Nail Tech, or Esthetician, chances are they won't want an appointment or gift card for a different random place. I know, groupon is tempting, but will your Babe really get what they love? We are devoted to providing Salt Lake with quality relaxation and reliability, read some of our reviews here.

Step Three Plan to arrive early. If you've never had treatments here before, or you're trying a new treatment, you will need to fill out a Health & Results form before we can start, as well as using the restroom and asking any questions you have. If you are planning to arrive right on time, then things like traffic, delays, or taking a wrong turn will make you late and shorten your massage time. We will be booked solid and won't have extra time to offer you. It's much better to come early and relax in the meditation room with a Valentine's snack! If you have more "date" after your spa session, please tell us. If we get slightly behind schedule, we don't want to make you late for dinner!

Important Side Note If you're getting new lash extensions for the big night, you actually need to come a couple weeks early! Some people are allergic to the glue (not many, but some) and won't know it until during or after the appointment. Imagine how your date night will go if your eyes are irritated! :-( So get your full set ahead of time, rule out any allergies, and then plan to get a fluffy fill for Valentine's Day.

If You're Single Congratulations, you get to do whatever you want!!

But you still need to plan ahead and arrive early. February isn't just about couples, it's a great time to love yourself. You really are a beautiful miracle who deserves to feel spoiled and radiant. We've designed the Singles Pamper Package just for you. It's a chocolate massage, facial, and pedicure rolled into one. Or try the decadent chocolate facial with hot stones...heavenly!

Check out all our February Specials here or get a quick and easy Instant Gift Card now. If you're shopping from out-of-town, a gift card is perfect! We are conveniently located in the Millcreek neighborhood of Salt Lake City, you're loved one will be delighted.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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