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My favorite skin care must-haves!

Professional skin care in salt lake with SKin Script

I know you want a skin care routine that is easy, effective, and doesn't break the bank. Me too! So to make it super easy, I'll tell you my top 5...they're all from Skin Script Rx.

Cleansers...I have to name two because my skin changes throughout the month. Probably so does yours. First, the Green Tea Citrus Cleanser is a daily-use foaming wash with antioxidants and soothing plant extracts. It cleans without irritating (even on my rosacea) and the scent is light. Then I keep the Raspberry Refining Cleanser on hand for breakouts caused by hormones, stress, or sweat. This is an acne product with acids designed to remove excess oils and kill pimple bacteria, so using it too often can cause dryness unless you have very oily skin. I love having the two options, it's an easy way to customize my skin routine! You only need to use a tiny bit and add water to lather, these 6.5 oz bottles last you a very long time.

Next is my ultimate favorite, client's refer to it as "life changing" and "magic" :-D

The Cucumber Hydration Toner, which is waaaay more than just a toner! It has hyaluronic acid, which grabs water and holds it in, plus water molecules designed to evaporate slower, to keep the skin hydrated longer (especially in our dry air here, if you haven't heard my DRY UTAH rant hahaha). This I use quite a bit of, the skin really drinks it up! This is my top suggestion for anyone who has milia, it activates your skin's natural enzymes to dissolve them.

Then we need to top it off with a moisturizer to seal it in and provide essential fatty acids. I love the Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer for most skin types. It's the perfect richness, not too greasy but not too light, and works to balance our skin's natural oil and water ratio-SO important! For dry or aging skin, I love love love the Peptide Restoration Moisturizer (sometimes I use it as an eye cream). It tells our skin to produce more collagen and speeds our creation of new cells. Who doesn't want more new skin cells?! If you're using enough of the hydrating toner, you shouldn't need as much moisturizer, so these should last you a while as well.

Skin Script products are developed in Phoenix, AZ, so they really understand how to deal with skin issues in low humidity climates. They also have an amazing Vitamin C Serum, a Retinol Scrub that doubles as a mask, and a sheer zinc SPF to help you get the best, brightest skin. I order these products in small quantities, as needed, to make sure you get fresh quality, and I pay the just pick them up from me in a couple days. Easy peasy.

Text me with any questions you have, or book a facial to get a professional skin analysis. I'm looking forward to hepling you glow!

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