Microdermabrasion for better skin

Microdermabrasion facial in Salt Lake City

Have you considered this master-level exfoliation facial? How do you know it's right for you? And what should you expect? I hope to walk you though it quickly and easily here!

What is microdermabrasion? A professional treatment to remove dead skin build up. We have a specific machine designed to buff off the dead skin and vacuum it up. The hand piece is tipped in diamond particles, giving a stronger and finer abrasion than scrubs, loofahs, and brushes.

What are the benefits of microderm? Short term benefits include softer, smoother skin that looks radiant and absorbs skin care products deeper. Some spa guests may notice less oily skin, pores that look smaller and clearer, a reduction in blackheads, and a better texture for your makeup to sit on. In the long term, dark spots, scars and fine lines may appear less noticeable. Your skin's production of collagen will increase with consistent treatments, creating more firm, plump skin.

Can it harm you? As with any professional-strength skin treatment, there are some cautions. First, don't book it if you have any open lesions, cold sores, impetigo, shingles, fungal infections, dermatitis, or inflamed acne pustules. If you're prone to cold sores, get an anti-viral from your doctor a few days prior because this much stimulation can cause a flare up. It's not great for areas of rosacea or very sensitive skin. Get a skin consultation and facial with me first if you're not sure. You must be off Accutane and similar prescription acne meds for 6 months to a year before you can receive microdermabrasion, because they thin the skin and may result in tearing or harmfully deep exfoliation. Avoid these for a week prior to your microderm: Retin-A use, sun exposure, chemical peels, facials, exfoliation and waxing. Wait 3 weeks after botox, fillers, or laser treatments. Take a 3 day break from acid products, retinols, and enzymes before your microdermabrasion. Always be accurate and honest with your Esthetician about this, don't say it's been 3 weeks if it's been 2 and a half ;-)

Can I do my own at home? Please don't. The increase of skin machines and peels sold online is only leading to increased injury, wasted money and worse skin! Some product lines sell a micro cream or paste for home use. This is a scrub... it's not giving you the same benefits as a professional microdermabrasion.

What happens in a microderm facial? It begins similar to other facials, except without the steam machine (the skin needs to be really dry later, so we don't want the humidity). We make you comfy, double cleanse the skin, and apply a specific drying product to prepare the skin. Then we use a hand piece the size of a pen to apply the techniques to your face. You will hear the vacuum machine and feel a light suction moving across your skin. It shouldn't hurt or pull. Depending on your skin, we may do multiple layers to exfoliate more. We can do extractions of you need them, and then a customized mask and neck & shoulder massage. When the mask is done, we massage your face with hydration products, serums, and moisturizer before applying a SPF and finishing the facial.

What about after? Can I go back to my normal stuff? After care is so important. Avoid intense heat and saunas, sun exposure, waxing, exfoliation (scrubs, enzymes, peels, acids, washcloths), facials, and laser sessions for a week after. If you cannot avoid sunlight, wear a minimum pf SPF 30 re-applied every 2 hours (more if sweating or swimming), use a hat and sunglasses, and take extra precautions. Sun damage will be heightened on this newly exposed skin!

Don't pick your skin. Sometimes after a great exfoliation, deep gunk is softened and pulled to the surface as breakouts (some call it a purge). Picking or exfoliating these can cause scabs and scars. Ask your Esthetician if you need extra tips for these.

Use professional quality skin products. Now that your skin is absorbing more product, let's make sure it gets ingredients on track with your skin goals! I offer Skin Script Rx and it's really effective for a great price. Please don't buy your skin care from the internet, home parties, non professionals, or the department store. They are pretty low quality, YES even the "high end" stuff. Stick with products that your Esthetician is experienced with, so she can give accurate predictions and results.

How often should I get a microderm? Your unique skin and current goals will determine the treatment plan, you may get a few weekly to start the process and then receive them farther apart for maintenance. You may get a series of 3 or 6 in preparation for a special occasion like a wedding. Start early and communicate with your Master Esthetician for a custom plan.

What body areas can we treat with microdermabrasion? Let's chat and make a customized plan for your exfoliation, but options include the hands, chest, back and shoulders, and those pesky bumps on the back of your arms...anywhere that dull, rough or discolored skin could use a brightening and softening boost.

Ready to try soft, radiant, clear skin? Book now!

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