Holiday Gift Guide for Salt Lake City

Instant easy spa gift cards by email salt lake city

I love this season, it's so fun to see everyone's gift creativity! But what happens when you draw a blank...need some inspiration? I'm here to help!

1- Massage gift cards of course! But there's more to consider. Not all massages are the same, would your special person prefer a sporty massage, stretches, that kind of feel? Or maybe a spa feel, with fluffy fabrics, melty flow and soothing music? This is my specialty! Before you buy, try to pin down what "feels" they will enjoy. What about those people who haven't tried massage or may be avoiding it for the first time? Often people who would be nervous about a full body massage will enjoy (and feel more comfortable) having a foot massage or a facial-this is a great idea to start!

Hot stone massage is also a great way to treat your loved one. When getting a massage for ourselves, we often skip the upgrades and opt for the most basic. Going for this bit of extra really adds a sense of caring and makes your gift special. Hot Stone massage is great for those loved ones who can't handle too much pressure or who are more sensitive to pain.

If you're shopping from out-of-town, our E-gift cards are fast and easy! Text Jen 801-309-8422 if you have questions about them.

2-Facials, not random skin care products! I know it's tempting to buy a product gift set from where ever...but those are often really bad for the skin, or aren't for the skin type of your gift recipient. Even if something was great on your skin, it may not be right for others. No worries, a facial gift certificate gives us a chance to customize those skin products. And it includes a luxurious neck, shoulder, head and face massage. Great choice for that hidden tension in the jaw, temples, and brow as well-does your loved one get headaches? I know what to do!

After the facial and skincare advice, remaining gift card balance can be used on SkinScript professional products to maintain that glow.

3-Gemstone face massage tools for home-care. Crystals for self-care are so popular right now but I've loved them forever! We have jade rollers, guasha stones in rose quartz, jade, and beautiful fluorite. These feel so good and really help keep the skin healthy by stimulating circulation and removing puffy areas from the face. If your person has been following this trend on instagram, get it, they'll love it!

I also offer a Gemstone Facial using these tools and crystal healing, it's magical!

4-Scarves, hats, gloves, all the fuzzy warm accessories. Did you know we have a whole boutique full of beauty, clothing, purses, leggings, even bands for the apple watch?! In the salt lake cold, you can't have too many cozy options. Please contact me before dropping by, since our hours vary. #smallbusiness

5-Custom gift bags! With a little notice, we can prepare a customized gift basket or bag full of gift cards, chocolates, skin care, guasha crystals or rollers, and fun stay-warm accessories. Send me a text message and I'll do the work for you- wink wink!

Any questions can be directed to Jen at 801-309-8422 in Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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