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Details on your spa goody bag!

Hi and thanks for coming! I hope you enjoyed your Gemstone Facial with Guasha stone massage. Since I'm giving out "new client" swag bags to help introduce myself, I thought this would be the easiest way to give details on the fun items inside. Everyone is getting something different, so scroll through to find your customized items!

Skinscript Rx samples slc

Green Tea Cleanser-A gentle face wash with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cell-protective ingredients. A little goes a long way, add water to create the luxurious lather. More nutritious and helpful than cetaphil!

Cucumber Toner-the most amazing hydration product ever! It's more like a serum than a toner, honestly. I recommend this for all skin types because of our super dry air here in Salt Lake City. If your skin is dehydrated it can look dull and develop fine lines faster, as well as rough texture, milia, sensitivity, eczema, and irritated red patches. The sample size is easy to use, just pour a puddle into your palm after cleansing (or exfoliating) and spread it all over your face. Use the heat from your hands to trap it and help it absorb, and follow with a nutritious moisturizer. You should notice that you need less moisturizer with this. If you love it, I offer the full size pump bottle for $20. Let me know, you won't be disappointed!

Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer-a great choice for most skin types, not too heavy but not too light! This cream helps to balance your skin's natural ratio of oil and water, which is so important for soft texture and skin protection.This can also help oily skin learn to produce less oil! It provides essential fatty acids, vitamins, and is soothing to inflamed skin. I have the full size bottle for you, just $25.

Peptide Restoration Moisturizer-for those looking to prevent "loss of firmness" as you age, peptides are a key ingredient! Also protects your skin with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This is our strongest anti-aging moisturizer, $50 is a great price for professional-strength peptides.

Rose quartz crystals in salt lake city

Rose Quartz-represents love, beauty, compassion, forgiveness, heart healing, and self care. Use it to meditate on these feelings, or carry in your pocket for a quick reminder to love yourself.

Labradorite in salt lake city

Labradorite-tilt it back and forth in the light to see flashes of color. Every piece is different! This stone helps us deal with change or make a personal transformation. It balances the chakras and strengthens the aura. Meditate with it to stimulate your intuition, spiritual wisdom, or empower your personal magic.

Aquamarine crystals salt lake city

Aquamarine-beautiful clear blue! Meditate on vibes of refreshing cool water, relaxing ocean waves, or cleansing rain. Place near the eyes for a boost of youth or on the throat to calm the fear of public speaking.

Amethyst-light purple or dark purple, representing meditation, wisdom, relaxation and pain relief.

Business card magnet-my website is the best place to get the booking you want, or to check for specials! If you have questions for me, my cell phone number is listed there too. Send me a text, I'm here to help.

Coupons! While supplies last, you can bounce back for a great deal on crystal healing massage, facial with foot massage, or home care products from SkinScript Rx.

Additional products may be included, based on your needs. Visit our FAQ for ingredient lists or details.

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