Tarot Cards: Misunderstood Self Care tool?

Tarot card readings for self care & wellness Inner Glow Massage Spa

During the quarantine, I’ve spent more time working with my Tarot cards, which I usually keep personal and separate from my day spa. But the more I learn about it, the more it seems like a wellness self care tool. In many people’s eyes, Tarot is that mystical psychic contacting your deceased loved ones to receive messages or tell your future. But that’s so pop culture! Movies and tv have always used a Tarot reading scene to instill fear and shock value into their story. Someone scared or haunted comes in for their first ever tarot experience and…..they draw the Death card every time! Cue that movie music Dun dun duuuun…

But is that really what we’re doing when we offer you a “tarot reading”?

Yes and no. If someone combines the Tarot with other spiritual gifts like mediumship or channeling, then they do approach it this way. But many don’t. For a lot of providers, it’s more of a life coaching, friendly advice chat or inspirational meditation. The card meanings ask you to soul search on certain topics, and stimulate you to come up with your own feelings and choices. Rather than telling your future, it can remind you that you’re building (or failing to build) your future all the time. We are feeling your emotions, which helps symbolism stand out in the pictures in a way that’s relevant to your current needs.

So let’s talk about some of the biggest misconceptions.

1-The Death card means you will soon die….nope, rarely! It symbolizes a transformation, the dramatic end of one stage in order to transition into the next stage. It can ask you to ponder a big loss in your life. Sometimes that is a death of a person, but also consider that your could lose a career, a home, or an ability, that would definitely be a transition! It may be challenging you to make a big change, like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

2-The Devil card means we are talking to the actual Devil…No. It’s a metaphor asking you to consider your own “inner demons” for self improvement. What makes you feel chained and tormented? Addictions, self sabotage, self inflicted guilt, staying in a bad situation, continuing harmful cycles. We usually ignore this stuff, it’s painful to think about! But these are important places for us to soul search and understand ourselves.

3-Whatever the cards “say” is set in stone to happen, guaranteed…No way. They are reflecting your current vibes and attitudes. You can always make a new choice, redirect your path, choose a different attitude. Life’s all about personal improvement, so of course your future changes as you grow and learn. That’s the beauty of self-reflection and guided meditation. You are curating and charting your own journey.

4-Each card has one “correct” meaning…No it’s much more individual! Each card has a group of meanings, symbolism, and a story happening in the picture. Many of these are designed so that the story could be told (and felt!) in more than one way. For example, if the picture shows a guy tiptoeing through a sleeping battle camp with his arms full of swords, is he a thief stealing valuables? Or a hero disarming the oppressive enemy? See how your point of view would influence what we take from it? By asking you to consider another perspective, it really stimulates your thinking muscle, in a fun way!

5-Readings must be done in person to be effective…I don’t feel this is true at all. In the same way you would connect with a friend’s emotions though a phone call or text message, or just by thinking about them, we can still communicate our feelings without touching or seeing. We can focus on an intention no matter where we are. I do the readings from home, on email, out of respect for spiritual differences in my business building :-)

6-It shows pentacles, so that means Satan...Actually most people who use the pentacle as a spiritual symbol see it as a metaphor for nature. The 5 points represent important elements of our environment: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. To form the star, they are all connected by an unbroken line, just as our earth benefits from a connection and balance of these parts of nature.We need each of these things to live and thrive, but we die if they are too much or too little.

7-They are full of nudity…well this one’s partly true! Haha You might see some artistic-style breasts or lovers embracing. If you’re not ok with this, tell your tarot reader ahead of time. They often have a few different decks of tarot cards, each with the illustrator’s unique depictions. In order to challenge your thinking, some of the depictions are quite striking or provocative ;-) other’s are gentle. It might take a few tries before you find the style that really helps you.

Click here to see how I offer these readings. Follow my Instagram jen_innerglowmassagespa for weekly tarot guidance, I’m excited to help you explore your self care! If you prefer to try another type of spa energy work, like crystal healing or chakra balancing, I offer these in Salt Lake City, Utah by appointment. Our Gemstone Facial and Crystal Healing Massage are also great for a spirit-lifting meditation.

Additional photos below to help you understand what I mean when I talk about the pictures.

Celtic style tarot at SLC day spa

Mucha painting style tarot at SLC day spa

Tarot card reading by SLC crystal healer

Deck credits:

First photo is Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot deck Copyright Lo Scarabeo Arthur Edward Waite Line art by Pamela Coleman SmithColors by Barbara Nosenzo

Second photo is Druidcraft Tarot deck Eddison Books St. Martin's Press Art by Will Worthington

Third photo is Tarot Mucha Copyright Lo Scarabeo Artwork Giulia F. Massaglia Colors by Barbara Nosenzo Graphics by Giulia F. Massaglia, Barbara Nosenzo, Pietro Alligo, Alessandro Starrantino

Fourth photo is Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso, US Game Systems

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