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Buccal Massage for TMJ tension

When I was in massage therapy school in 2010, we learned a technique called Intraoral massage aka "inside the mouth". (Using gloves of course!) It's great for TMJD pain, teeth grinders or clenchers, and headaches. We performed it one side at a time, going very slow, searching to feel the tight muscles, trigger points, sore spots and reactions of the client.

Now it's trending as "Buccal" massage. I pronounce that B-YOU-cal but some say it like buckle. Buccal is a medical term referring to the cheek region. Estheticians provide buccal massage as a way to lift, plump, and firm the face while smoothing wrinkles and stimulating collagen production. You may see it called sculptural face massage as well. In this style, the esthetician is massaging quite fast with both hands at the same time, but also making some slow stretching strokes as well.

Since I am both a massage therapist and an esthetician, I am blending the important parts of both styles to bring you my version of Buccal massage, unique in Salt Lake City. Here's what you can expect in my service:

1-I will cleanse your face with face wash and steam towels to remove germs, makeup, sunblock, moisturizer. Please don't wear heavy or waterproof makeup to your appointment because it takes too much time to wash off.

2-Next I apply a magical hydrating toner and wrinkle-fighting hyaluronic serum. After those absorb, I apply pure oat oil and organic vanilla lip balm, chosen for safety just incase it gets inside your mouth.

3-I will let you know any time I need you to open your mouth a bit, otherwise try to relax your mouth in a gently closed position, but not clenched! You may swallow any time and let me know if you need a break or less pressure. The buccal massage starts with both hands, warming up and stretching both sides of the cheek, jaw and mouth muscles. Upward lifting movements help with sagging skin and plumping.

4-The next phase is very detailed. I switch to one hand and slowly feel all the muscles of one side, searching for tension or trigger points to release. The fingers on the outside are working in sync with the thumb inside your cheek to grasp your muscles from under and over at the same time. We detail both sides, even if your pain is on one side.

5-I also stretch muscles that may be causing wrinkles and apply a friction technique that helps smooth them and stimulate circulation to tired skin. You will develop a rosy glow!

6-When all reachable areas have been massaged, I cleanse your face again to remove the oil and excess lip balm. Then apply a moisturizer and spf (if daytime).

I offer different appointments for Buccal: As an hour with neck & shoulder massage, as an add-on to a full body spa massage, or as an add-on to any of our skin care facials. Combined with your other spa goals, it's so beneficial and relaxing! Book yours today using the purple button or text me if you have any questions. We are located in Murray, Salt Lake City, Utah inside Karol Gold Beauty. 801-309-8422 4970 South 900 East Suite F101 Murray, Ut 84117


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