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Solve your skin challenges with our simple, high-quality products and earth-friendly minimal packaging. Some are vegan, organic, but all are reasonably priced!

-Great for customizing a gift bag and gift card-


Cocoa Body Butter A buttery cream with vitamin E and essential fatty acids to soften and moisturize dry desert skin. Smells like chocolate -don't eat it! Vegan, 14% organic

Arnica Muscle Gel Cool and calm with this aloe based muscle gel. Arnica flower has long been used for aches and bruises, we've added additional healing plant oils and extracts. Vegan, 60 % organic

Rich C Cream Absorbs fast for a light feel, but moisturizes well! Plant-based vitamin C and antioxidants will protect and gently brighten the skin. Use on the face or body. Vegan, 84% organic

Aloe Mask Hydrates your skin (before serums/moisturizer) and cools chappy skin or sun burn. Use on the face or body. Vegan, 91% organic



Gentle Fruit Enzyme A gel mask that uses fruit to dissolve dead skin. Mild tingle! Vegan, 90% organic

Peptide Hydrating Serum Firming and strengthening. Vegan

Collagen C Hydrating Serum Plumps and protects! Vegan

Charcoal Hydramask Purify, nourish, hydrate and protect with this hyaluronic-antioxidant mask. Leaves dry or aging skin soft and bright. Vegan, 85% organic

Lavender Aloe Mask Easy relaxation for self care. Soothes and heals dry or aging skin. Use on the face or body. Vegan, 91% organic

Micellar Makeup Remover Gently dissolves eye makeup for removal without pulling or drying the skin. Vegan

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