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The Anti-Aging Power of Facial Massage

Best facial massage in salt lake city, perfect pressure for tense jaw and head

Many spa guests ask me “Is Face Massage important or just fluff?”

Yes, facial massage can be so much more than spreading products!

The average face contains 43 muscles which we use to chew (or grind our teeth-TMJ dysfunction!), smile, worry, squint and talk. Most muscles in our body connect to tendons and bones, which keep them supported, positioned and stable. Our face is the only area where muscles connect directly to the skin, without the anchor of bone, making them prone to sagging as our skin loses collagen and elastin fibers.

A specific massage technique called friction is extremely helpful for triggering repair cells (fibroblasts) that build up collagen, elastin, proteins and more. When done correctly, this firms and plumps the skin. Orthopedic Massage Therapists use this technique to stimulate healing in tendons and ligaments!

Massage techniques can also -flush fluid swelling out of puffy areas, toward lymph nodes for filtering and redistribution, which gives the face a more defined contour -open blood vessels to infuse the skin with fresh blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, and repair cells, this is the after-facial glow people love -stimulate and tone tired facial muscles, like a workout -release tension build up from facial expressions and emotions that leave our jaw, temples, brow, and forehead achy or lined -sedate the nervous system for full-body relaxation, release of pain relieving endorphins, and improved sleep and more!

If you’re avoiding facial massage because you think it’s too oily, please let us dispel that myth! We can work the area using cleanser, moisturizer, or serum instead of oil. Everything our Master Esthetician does is customized for your unique skin type.

Want to try it?

Inner Glow Massage & Spa is conveniently located in the Millcreek neighborhood of Salt Lake City and offers 60 or 90 minute Facials, Gemstone Facial Massage, Guasha, Facial Cupping and Massage Therapy. Visit to schedule.

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