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New Spa Upgrades for your Facial or Massage

Guasha Face Lift massage with Jade stone in Salt Lake City

Looking for non-invasive facial firming in Salt Lake City? Consider these 2 new spa upgrades-facial cupping and guasha massage!

Cupping massage is an alternative wellness treatment that uses suction cups to increase the health of the skin, muscle, fascia, and lymphatic tissues. It is done with very gentle pressure to avoid leaving the marks you sometimes see from body cupping.

Some of the benefits of facial cupping are:

-relaxation and triggering the nervous system to rest

-plumping and lifting the skin

-increasing the circulation of blood, nutrients, and repair cells

-removing water retention that causes puffiness or sagging

-creating a glow in the skin that lasts for days

-consistent use can help stimulate collagen production to strengthen the skin

A variety of cup styles are used in order to fit the size and shape of your face areas. We have silicone and glass in 4-6 different sizes!

Guasha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that has been researched and adapted for modern times. Using a flat massage stone, we will gently scrape the skin, scooping up the tissues, following the contours of the face. We can also use friction movements to trigger collagen production and cell repair in areas of wrinkles, or pumping movements to pull out fluid swelling.

It's anti-aging and so relaxing!

Traditionally, guasha can be done with anything that can scrape...a spoon, coin, jar lid, or a carved piece of horn. Since crystal energy is part of my healing philosophy, I prefer to use gemstones carved into guasha tools. They are gorgeous and have a smooth, glossy texture that feels amazing on the face! They can be used warm to relax the muscles or cold to reduce red, irritated skin after exfoliation. Jade rollers can also be part of this treatment, you may have noticed them trending on instagram recently. Clients are LOVING this combination of crystal healing and anti-aging facial massage!

Add one (or both!) of these relaxing new treatments to your next facial or massage. Proud to offer the best facial in Salt Lake City!

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