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Skinscript Golden Honey Nourishing Mask

We are obsessed with this warm, gooey nourishing mask! During our relaxing facials, we use this mask as a massage oil for your face massage. It starts out very thick but as the facial massage begins, it MELTS and heats itself up. The sweet smell of lemons is released and the ingredients begin to penetrate your skin, driven deeper by the massage.

All skin types receive help from these amazing ingredients:

Honey is wound healing, antibacterial and pulls moisture into the skin

Allantoin relieves itching or irritation from dry skin

Vitamin B5 repairs and heals

Phospholipids and glycerin help repair the skin's protective barrier

Sunflower seed oil moisturizes with essential fatty acids and amino acids

Seabuckthorn Fruit Extract provides omega 7, carotenoids and vitamin E for intense healing

Pentapeptide 48 accelerates skin regeneration.

Ginger Root Extract is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stimulates micro-circulation to create a beautiful pink glow in the skin! That's why we call our 1 hour facial the Honey Glow. You're skin really comes to life!

We place cucumber hydration toner (with it's rare magical ingredient) and hyaluronic acid serum underneath so that your skin receives both water moisture and oil moisture. If you book the longer double-mask facials, we also use a hydrating anti-inflammatory mask before the honey mask. If you have ever asked Jen about dry skin in this dry climate, she has given you the "we need water locked in underneath oil" speech. It pairs so well with a gentle fruit enzyme exfoliation or lactic acid exfoliation.

What are spa guests saying about it? They are in love and want it every time they come to our SLC spa! They describe the warming effect and the smooth gooey, melty texture and the afterglow is undeniable.

If you're looking to experience this skinscript mask in the Salt Lake City, Murray, Millcreek, Sugarhouse Utah area, please schedule a Honey Glow Facial, a Dry Climate Double-mask Facial or a Crystal Healing Dry Climate Facial with Jen at Inner Glow Massage & Spa! Some of our seasonal specials will include this facial massage mask too. If you're not sure, just text us to ask.


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