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Infrared Heat during your Massage & Facial

I’m SO EXCITED to show you the newest addition to Inner Glow Massage & Spa!

All our massage, facial, and reiki treatments will now include Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ion therapy. This treatment is rare in Salt Lake City, and the equipment has a high price tag, but I've made the investment for you.

New Far Infrared spa treatment for relaxation and muscle healing in salt lake city

This technology is replacing my spa table warmer, allowing more temperature settings and healing benefits.

What are Far Infrared Rays?

A type of deeply penetrating, natural, invisible light. It’s a warm, comfortable part of sunlight that stimulates cells and is used for plant photosynthesis.

Why should you get Infrared heat sessions?

-Boosted immune system and increase in white blood cells

-Reduced pain in muscles and joints

-Sweat elimination of wastes (aka detox) when used as a body wrap

-Reduces inflammation and stiffness

-Improve sleep quality

-Reduces pain from arthritis, low back trouble, or daily aches

-Increased healing to muscles and joints

-May reduce blood pressure

-Reduces sinus inflammation due to hay fever

-Reduces Fibromyalgia symptoms

What are these Negative Ion things?

Oxygen atoms that have an extra electron.

These are created easily in nature by large bodies of water, thunderstorms, waterfalls, plants and more. Our bodies respond to these ions with feelings of happiness, relaxation, comfort, and a revitalized energy. This is why spending time in nature feels so good!

Inside buildings (or even entire cities) we don’t have these natural factors and so the atoms are mostly unpleasant positive ions, causing lack of energy, headaches, illness and bad moods. You’re body is starving for the “fresh air” oxygen.

Our new Infrared mat uses Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline stones to convert heat into Infrared Rays and fill the spa with Negative Oxygen Ions.

Amethyst and Jade in the infrared healing mat, best in Salt Lake City!

If you’re interested in the traditional energy healing benefits of the gemstones and crystals, here’s just a little bit.

Amethyst represents tranquility, healing, wisdom, protection, and pain relief.

Jade symbolizes wealth, health, serenity, nurturing love, and harmony.

Tourmaline represents protection, removing negativity, and grounding for safety and stability.

The stones also hold the heat and evenly press it into the muscles. You’ve got to try it!

Who can use Far Infrared Rays?

Most of us can, and we'll vary the temperature to make it right for you. Or for the crazy Salt Lake weather!

It is NOT recommended for people on serious blood thinners, pregnant women, or people with implanted medical devices like a pacemaker. We will switch the mat off, but you will still feel the heat from the stones, and the negative ions will remain in the room!

If you have a major health condition, getting your doctor’s OK is best.

What does it feel like?

So far I’m seeing deeper breathing and relaxation in my spa guests and more snoring during treatments 😉 **Update- Everyone LOVES this treatment**

I’ve been using it too, and was able to reach a deep meditative state faster, even though I wasn’t receiving any massage at the time.

If you're staying alert and stiff during your session, or analyzing every moment, you're not getting all the benefits...

Do you reach that place in your massage or facial, where you are so relaxed that you don’t even care you’re drooling? Where your muscles are so loose that your mouth falls open and you don’t have the strength, or the presence of mind, to close it?

That was me for an hour, napping on this infrared crystal mat. It's the place where your mind resets and your body heals itself.

Contact Jen with any questions…or to schedule now!

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